Program 2022



09:00 - 12:00

Movers and Shakers – How policymakers are shaping Fintech

Epicenter, Mäster Samuelsgatan 36

2020 European Union launched the Digital Finance Package which are putting digital finance and fintech high on the political agenda in EU. In Sweden the government committee of inquiry on the payment market are working to review the payment market and will present their result in the end of 2022. Policymakers are changing the fintech industry, in this track we will hear some of them and discuss the future for fintech.

Registration & Breakfast

09:00 - 09:20

    Official Opening by the Co-Founders

    09:20 - 09:25

    Welcome by Invest Stockholm

    09:25 - 09:30

    Introduction to the track

    09:30 - 09:35

    Keynote: Presentation of SweFinTech Fintech Report 2022 - "Swedish Fintech is Here to Stay"

    09:35 - 09:50

    For the third year in a row, the Swedish Fintech Association presents a report on the state of the Swedish fintech industry. The report will be presented and commented by a panel with fintech experts.

    Panel Discussion: Discussion of SweFinTech fintech report 2022

    09:50 - 10:30


    10:30 - 10:45

      Panel Discussion: Structural reforms of the payment market – how will it affect the evolution of the fintech ecosystem?

      10:45 - 11:25

      How can the financial infrastructure generate innovation and foster competition? This is one of the key questions for the government commission of inquiry on the Swedish payment market, which will be presented this fall. In this panel regulators and industry experts will discuss how upcoming political decisions may affect the Swedish fintech industry.

      Keynote: How can BIS Innovation Hub Nordic Centre and the Swedish Fintech Ecosystem benefit from eachother?

      11:25 - 11:40

      In the beginning of 2022, the BIS Innovation Hub Nordic Centre was established in Stockholm. In this section, the centre’s head Beju Shah will share his reflections about the previous panels and upcoming activities at the centre.

      Wrap up

      11:40 - 11:45


      11:45 - 12:00

        15:00 - 18:00

        Combating the Dark Side of Fintech – Russian invasion on Ukraine special

        Epicenter, Mäster Samuelsgatan 36

        With the first missiles hitting Ukrainian soil on the early morning of February 24th, 2022, the world order, as we know it, changed to something we do not yet fully comprehend. This track is all about searching for holes in our financial and fintech system that might or might not allow Russia to bypass sanctions imposed, e.g. Could Russia evade sanctions with DeFin and crypto? As international transfers around the globe take just a couple of days, why does it take 30 days to sanction a Russian or Belarusian bank? Why could banning all Russian users from any platform create a compliance hell for companies? – as well as all the companies that are impossible to foresee due to a dynamic development until the start of this Vertical.

        Registration & Networking

        15:00 - 15:20

          Opening words from the Ambassador of Ukraine in Sweden

          15:20 - 15:30

          Introduction to the session

          15:30 - 15:35

          Keynote: Cooperation of the Ukrainian Financial Ecosystem during War with Russia

          15:35 - 16:05

          Despite Russian aggression, the Ukrainian financial market remains stable. Due to a mix of instant, accurate and reliable information provided to customers, the individuals didn’t panic. espite an initial rush to pull cash out of checking accounts, the money actually came back to the banks. Hanna, a Fintech executive from Ukraine, will walk us through the actions, reactions and consequences of the Russian invasion including the cyberattacks that happened before February 24th. She will specify what is needed to keep the stability of the Ukrainian financial market during this turbulent time period.

          Keynote: How do we stop Russian sanction evasions on the Blockchain? A short guide to what can and can not be done in Blockchain analytics, using the learnings from past sanction evasions strategies.

          16:05 - 16:35

          Sanctions can be imposed on individuals, companies, or institutions, and lately, on the Blockchain. In the Keynote, we will divide the discussion into investigations on the Blockchain and review an in-depth list of different types of sanctions that can or can not be enforced. We will also discuss how Fintech companies should implement these measures.


          16:35 - 16:45

            Panel Discussion: Taking actions to limit Russia! What tools, technology, methods can we use in order to spot, evaluate and stop evasion of restrictions?

            16:45 - 17:30

            Sanction evasion is more than just technology, and names on sanctions lists that financial institutions block. Sanctioned parties are now using complex methods that often make headlines. At the same time, our toolkit to reign them in is growing. With increasing knowledge, data sources, and monitoring possibilities, we will discuss new strategies to spot potential evasion in practice and reduce the risk of facilitating such transactions.

            Fireside Chat: Sanctions Scenario Planning - what sanctions should we expect as next if the Russian invasion continues?

            17:30 - 17:55

            Which type of restrictions will Russia have to face when the conflict continues and intensifies? Are there any sanction opportunities that have not been identified yet? Alternatively, even if the conflict settles, the damage has been done, so what sanctions are to be lifted first or which ones might potentially not be lifted at all? These are just some of the potential scenarios that Che will reflect on with Caroline.

            Wrap up

            17:55 - 18:00

            18:00 - 20:00

            Unofficial AW at Proseccobaren


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            09:00 - 12:00

            RegTech – Where do we go from here?

            Epicenter, Mäster Samuelsgatan 36

            So much have changed in the past 24 months, regulations have not gone away but new ways of working have shifted some of the focus of risk and compliance functions at financial institutions. How is the new technology used to manage the new normal and how are RegTech companies evolving to meet these new demands?

            Registration & Breakfast

            09:00 - 09:15

              Introduction to the session

              09:15 - 09:20

              Keynote: RegTech 3.0 – Where do we go from now

              09:20 - 09:45

              We will look in particular into the general evolvement of the sector which has proven during Covid times that it is growing out of its infancy. There is more to expect thank to strong drivers fostering RegTech going forward such as sup tech, blockchain and AI/ NLP.

              Keynote: Lawyers Are From Mars and Bankers Are From Frankfurt

              09:45 - 10:10

              Building better RegTech depends in large part on a better understanding of the people involved. We all know how laws, rules, and regulations often are seen as obstacles, and especially when lawyers get involved. This challenge also presents an opportunity. Bridging the gap between how lawyers think and bankers work with technology can not only reduce costs, but turn cost centers into value creators.

              Fireside Chat: Information security efforts doesn’t have to be complicated, however, they should always be relevant

              10:10 - 10:25

              Continuous growth in the regulatory landscape, is it a hype? No, of course not. If our riskmanagement were effective, we would avoid incidents with negative impact on the financial system. In other words, we are all part of defining the need of regulations by underestimating or neglecting efforts needed.


              10:25 - 10:45

                Keynote: The future of banking regulatory reporting in Europe

                10:45 - 11:05

                While the financial regulatory reporting for banks has proven to be more than necessary after the 2008 financial crisis, the regulatory reporting process has also proven to be challenging, time and resource consuming for both regulators and regulated entities.

                During this keynote, we will review:
                – The current challenges that are faced by stakeholders with the regulatory reporting process,
                – The ongoing initiatives that are ongoing to improve it
                – What challenges and opportunities this will bring to banks and how RegTech can help banks catch them.

                Fireside Chat: KYC in a Decentralized World

                11:05 - 11:25

                In a world where KYC compliance costs and complexity are increasing, using blockchain technology can make KYC processes faster, more cost-effective and safer. norbloc is on a worldwide mission to solve KYC problems using blockchain technology for financial institutions and banks. We will discuss with Astyanax Kanankakis, CEO and co-founder at norbloc, the progress on that quest as well as how KYC is changing in an ever more distributed world.

                Keynote: Coping with Globalisation and Talent shortage

                11:25 - 11:50

                There is a tectonic shift in the labor market. Globalisation and talent shortage requires new ways of scaling, compliantly and effectively. Deel is the global leader of remote hire & payroll, and currently the fastest growing company on the planet. Come listen to the Deel success story, the macro factors effecting the journey and where is it all going.

                Wrap up

                11:50 - 11:55


                11:55 - 12:00

                  15:00 - 18:00

                  BNPL & Embedded Finance

                  Epicenter, Mäster Samuelsgatan 36

                  Buy now – pay later; have changed how we consume online. Credit and lending have changed from being a slow and tedious process to a simple, comparable, and “available in everyday situations” for consumers. At the same time, debt levels are increasing on consumer loans and credits. Credit intermediaries have taken over as the first point of origination for loan applications. Simultaneously the lawmakers seek to regulate the market to protect the customers. Is this way of work sustainable? What are the risks? Is regulation stopping innovation? What do consumers want in the future? In the buy now pay later track we will deep dive into new trends and products, new EU- regulations and customer risks with industry and authorities. Join for a bumpy ride!

                  Registration & Networking

                  15:00 - 15:30

                    Introduction to the session

                    15:30 - 15:35

                    Keynote: Embedded finance and the future of everything money

                    15:35 - 15:50

                    Panel Discussion: The future of mortgage

                    15:50 - 16:30

                    Towards digital – Mortgages have always been a profitable for banks and lenders: as such, investments towards customer experience beyond a fancy landing page have not been prioritised. But the tide is turning with growing consumer utilisation of digital modes of interaction, improving mortgage customer journeys, and increasing engagement through technology have become a priority.

                    Keynote: Embedded payments as a chance to boost B2B customer experience

                    16:30 - 16:40

                    Today’s users, whether consumers or corporate, expect a frictionless and instant payment experience. For the service provider, this requires real-time orchestration behind the scenes, but the sphere of embedded payments also unlocks major opportunities for monetizing the customer relationship and offering value added services. In this keynote, we demonstrate how to build payment services that your B2B users will love.

                    Panel Discussion: What to consider when building up your BNPL & SME finance offering?

                    16:40 - 17:15

                    Keynote: The importance of the Financial Education and why it matters

                    17:15 - 17:30

                    Nobody is born with financial superskills – but once you gain them, they are for life. That’s why we created Gimi – an educational pocket money app for children and their families.


                    17:30 - 18:00

                      18:00 - 20:00

                      Unofficial AW at Proseccobaren

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                      Downtown Camper by Scandic Co-organized with VISA

                      Core Stage 

                      The payments landscape continues to evolve, accelerated by the pandemic. The focus on digitisation is expanded by the emerging competitors, new monetary mechanisms like CBDCs, and transformative technologies such as APIs. In this rapid pace of evolving landscape, are we missing anything?

                      Registration & Breakfast

                      09:00 - 09:30

                        Opening words by Sthlm Fintech Week

                        09:30 - 09:45

                        Keynote: Network of Networks

                        09:45 - 10:05

                        The keynote touches on market trends that are shaping the payments landscape and how this drives consumers to choose products that meet their needs. This is followed by Visa’s Network of Network strategy and how Visa can help Fintechs both locally and globally.

                        Panel Discussion: How payment innovations can transform the cross-border payments landscape?

                        10:05 - 10:45

                        International payments have been instrumental in the emergence of today’s global economy. New payments rails, innovative technology, and shifting customer demand trends are emerging. Is that a time to rethink your place in are the cross-border payments landscape?


                        10:45 - 11:00

                          Fireside chat: Central Bank Digital Currency – What is next?

                          11:00 - 11:25

                          The history of money is entering a new chapter where CBDCs is gaining momentum, driven by the ingenuity of Central Banks. Introducing a CBDC is about finding the delicate balance between developments on the design front and the policy front. We are at the beginning of a journey of transformation, what is next?

                          Panel Discussion: Paytech – the new kids on the block

                          11:25 - 11:55

                          Shall we discuss the innovation in the payments space, new ideas and how to make “your dreams come true”? The panellists will share their experiences and knowledge on the journeys they take, will bring the light on why they take them and what they get in return.

                          Wrap up

                          11:55 - 12:00

                          10:00 - 12:00

                          Advancing Sustainability through Technology

                          Downtown Camper by Scandic

                          Impact Stage

                          Never in history has harnessing the power of finance and technology to deliver sustainable development has been more important than now. Driving sustainability from within a large corporate can be an uphill battle, while more nimble and agile companies can provide an innovative technology solution. Pairing the innovation with distribution power can provide a a real opportunity to tackle some of the worlds biggest challenges.

                          Keynote: How the first climate fintech company partnered with the European Space Agency to drive carbon drawdown.

                          10:00 - 10:15

                          Panel Discussion: The role of fintech in mobility and green cities

                          10:15 - 10:50

                          Keynote: How to make profit whilst saving the climate?

                          10:50 - 11:00

                          Panel Discussion: What can fintechs do to help save the planet?

                          11:00 - 11:40

                          Keynote: The evolution of impact investing

                          11:40 - 11:50

                          We live in a culture that glorifies startups as the heroes of innovation—and where most startups claim to be making some sort of positive “impact.” But what are the limits to this naive technocapitalism? We explore some of the biggest problems facing the world and the actions that venture investors can take against them.

                          Wrap up

                          11:50 - 12:00

                          10:00 - 15:00

                          Roundtable Discussions

                          How to successfully deliver seamless, cloud-native banking experiences

                          10:00 - 11:00

                          Hosted by Mambu

                          Innovation in banking and finance has led to fast, seamless services available at the push of a button. Customers have come to expect flexible offerings that are digital-first and available nearly anywhere. So what can banks do to ensure they are keeping up with demand?

                          In this exclusive roundtable at Sthlm Fintech Week, we’ll take a closer look at the next-gen technologies that are driving the evolution of financial services. Cloud-native, API-first solutions have become a key driver in the modernization of banking, and will continue to deliver customer experiences that rise above the rest.

                          Sign up here:

                            The future SaaS in the asset management industry are not robot advisors.

                            10:00 - 11:00

                            CMIAlgo will discuss how integrated data and logic in a Saas can disrupt the value chain in the asset management industry. How can convoluted intelligence of the past be democratized at a fraction of the cost of what has been the norm and how will that ultimately benefit the end client.

                            About CIMalgo
                            CIMalgo develops and delivers data-powered solutions for global professional investors. Our systematic and structured approach to data combined with investment logic allows us to deploy powerful and intuitive decision-making systems for professional investors. Our solutions democratize information and technology that previously was privy only to large and professional asset managers.

                            Sign up here:

                              Vilja Luncheon at Sthlm Fintech Week

                              12:00 - 13:00

                              Ready for that next step?

                              You have a brilliant idea, business plan, and funding.
                              Now what? Sometimes a little help is needed.

                              Maybe you are just entering the market, or your company is scaling fast and has outgrown the old solution. What is the best way forward – buy or build or a combination?

                              At our luncheon, we will discuss what it takes to take that next step. If you are a fintech company or neobank battling these questions – you are most welcome to discuss them with your peers in the industry.

                              Your Vilja Team

                              **THIS ROUNDTABLE IS FULLY BOOKED**

                                Battle to onboard – How to create the best and most reliable onboarding/KYB process

                                14:00 - 15:00

                                Roundtable organized by Signicat.

                                • Why are you losing customers during the onboarding process?
                                • How to reduce risk when dealing with business customers?

                                Sign up for this roundtable at this link:

                                  Crypto trends: what’s driving growth – today and tomorrow?

                                  15:00 - 16:00

                                  Hosted by VISA

                                  Crypto achieved historic investment levels, making crypto one of the fastest growing industries. It is estimated, that there are now over 300 million crypto users worldwide. But what are these trends that are driving this crypto growth? What are some of the new use cases we are expecting to emerge? And how can we prepare for the future?

                                  Sign up for this roundtable at this link:

                                    12:00 - 13:30


                                    Downtown Camper by Scandic

                                    13:30 - 15:30

                                    Impact-driven Fintech

                                    Downtown Camper by Scandic Co-organized with CIMalgo

                                    Impact Stage

                                    Keynote: Challenges and opportunities in moving to sustainable finance

                                    13:30 - 13:45

                                    Panel Discussion: The drivers behind sustainable funds

                                    13:45 - 14:25

                                    Emotional shopping and how that drives overconsumption

                                    14:25 - 14:42

                                    Panel Discussion: How can fintech drive green consumer consumption?

                                    14:42 - 15:17

                                    Keynote: A stocktake on the evolving landscape of sustainability disclosure standards and the opportunities it brings

                                    15:20 - 15:30

                                    13:30 - 15:30

                                    Ecosystem Banking

                                    Downtown Camper by Scandic Co-organized with Vilja Solutions, Mambu and AWS

                                    Core Stage

                                    Partnerships and ecosystems are a part of the changing business model in the Financial Industry. Ecosystems can help in the search for scale and improve the sustainability of the venture. Where to play in the ecosystem to sharpen the strategy and be successful?

                                    Keynote: The importance of Ecosystems in FinTech 2.0

                                    13:30 - 13:45

                                    In FinTech 2.0 collaboration is as important as competition. We’ve moved from an industry of challengers to one of enablers, and partnerships and ecosystem engagement are a critical success lever for innovators and incumbents. In this keynote AWS shares perspectives on the value of taking an ecosystem approach to fintech, and what’s enabling & driving this growing phenomenon.

                                    Panel Discussion: How adopting an ecosystem approach can enable FI to capture additional market value?

                                    13:45 - 14:25

                                    Growing your business alone in today’s rapidly changing, tech-filled environment can be tough. Especially in the world of ecosystems, where success is no longer defined by traditional success factors, instead, it is focused on how are the vision and business strategy in line with the new ecosystem development?

                                    Fireside Chat: What is Precision Finance and what value does it bring?

                                    14:25 - 14:50

                                    We will discuss how you can use real-time data and predictive analytics to change the playing field for credit scoring and yield new opportunities. Also, how do you build the right tech stack and have the right partnerships to support your strategy and growth.

                                    Panel Discussion: How digital transformation impacts the SME ecosystem?

                                    14:50 - 15:20

                                    SMEs are going through a sustained period of significant change. Is that the opportunity to revolutionize the relationship with SMEs by leveraging and developing the SME ecosystem via new platform models?

                                    Break/Wrap up

                                    15:20 - 15:30

                                      15:30 - 17:00

                                      Metaverse, NFTs, and GameFi

                                      Downtown Camper by Scandic

                                      Impact Stage

                                      In two separate panel discussions, we’ll explore the most important themes in decentralized web (Web3) and decentralized finance (DeFi). This year focusing on:

                                      • NFTs, a universal representation of digital property in the Metaverse.
                                      • Play2Earn (P2E), and the economics of community owned computer games.


                                      Panel Discussion: NFTs, a universal representation of digital property in the Metaverse.

                                      15:30 - 16:10

                                      NFTs started as digital collectibles and quickly became a fundamental building block in web3. It is now evolving to have more utility cases in various industries, such as gaming, entertainment, music and fashion. NFT innovation is leading the adoption in web3.


                                      16:10 - 16:20

                                        Panel Discussion: Play2Earn (P2E), and the economics of community owned computer games.

                                        16:20 - 17:00

                                        GameFi combines cryptocurrency, blockchain, NFTs, and game mechanics to create a virtual environment where players participate and earn money in the process. It has grown into one of the hottest trends in the cryptocurrency industry.

                                        15:30 - 17:00


                                        Downtown Camper by Scandic Co-organized with Signicat

                                        Core Stage

                                        Security Leaders Must Evolve Strategies to protect the ever-expanding digital footprint of modern organizations against new and emerging threats. How implementing robust, innovative identity authentication measures can support the industry in being protected?

                                        Introduction to the session

                                        15:30 - 15:35

                                        Keynote: Risky Business - Verifying identity in a digital world

                                        15:35 - 15:50

                                        Knowing who you are doing business with online has been and still is a major challenge. But what do you really need to know, and what are the pitfalls? The presentation will look at some of the important challenges of identifying, validating, and authenticating people online.

                                        Panel Discussion: What do the new rules for SCA mean for financial services?

                                        15:50 - 16:30

                                        European retailers have faced historic fraud pressure levels at a time when the payments landscape is undergoing upheaval due to the enforcement of PSD2’s SCA requirement. SCA will undoubtedly be a vital pillar of protection for merchants and consumers alike. What does this mean for both the business and the card holder’s banks?

                                        Trending session: How to remain personal in a digital world

                                        16:30 - 16:45

                                        Bank branches are closing down at a more rapid pace than ever before. The pandemic has fueled this development further. Is everything fantastic with just becoming digital, or is there a glitch where we simply forgot about the personal touch in a digital world?

                                        Stockholm Fintech Week 2022 Wrap up with the Founders

                                        16:45 - 17:00

                                        17:00 - 21:00

                                        Official After Work

                                        Downtown Camper by Scandic Co-organized with Mambu, Signicat and Knowit

                                        After 3 full days of knowledge sharing and insights, get ready to mingle at the official after work. The music is on, and all ticket holders receive a free drink ticket!

                                        08:00 - 16:30

                                        Community Day

                                        08:30 - 09:30

                                        Frukostseminarium med Lunar – Framtidens bank är ingen bank

                                        Strandvägen 7A

                                        ** THIS EVENT IS IN SWEDISH**

                                        Förändrade kundbeteenden i kombination med ny ökad reglering och ny teknik har ritat om bankernas spelplan. Lån, betalningar och investeringar är inte som de varit förut, och allt fler bekantar sig med blockkjedjor, kryptovaluta och NFT’er. Hur kommer framtidens bankkund se ut? Vad behöver sektorn göra för att möta morgon- dagens efterfrågan? Och hur kommer utbudet och tjänsterna att påverkas?

                                        Tillsammans med digitaliseringsexperten Tuva Palm och Erika Eliasson, ordförande Swedish Fintech, ställer Lunars Sverigechef Mats Persson Bergius den finansiella sektorn mot väggen.

                                        En sak är säker. Framtiden tillhör inte bankerna. Framtiden tillhör konsumenten.

                                        Frukostpaket ingår. OSA till [email protected]

                                        10:00 - 14:00

                                        Investor Matchmaking

                                        Microsoft ReactorCo-organized with Invest Stockholm

                                        By invite only. On-going applications for startups and investors.

                                        15:00 - 17:00

                                        FinTech Career Fair – Meet ambitious students

                                        Proviant AlbanoCo-organized with Föreningen Ekonomerna

                                        FinTech Career Fair is a career fair hosted by Föreningen Ekonomerna (The Business Association) at Stockholm University’s new campus, Albano. 10-15 fintech companies and a lot of students will be present. If you’re looking for a job within the fintech industry or a recruiter looking for students to hire, this is the place!

                                        Read more at the facebook event here:

                                        17:30 - 21:00

                                        Stockholm Locals After Party


                                        Are you a local? Or just local-curious? Come meet real-life locals at one of our favourite local watering holes. Wine down for a weekend